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After design

I am also into interested in travel related reading and research.

I like to plan my travel, go off the road and experience different places and their people closely.

I also provide advice on travel, help them plan itineraries, look for offbeat destinations based on peoples preferences and try to enhance their vacation experience by adding little tweaks in their daily travel plans.

Swati Chakrabarti

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Who am I

I am a graphic designer with more than 12 years of professional experience.

Having a background of science education in school coupled with Fine Arts Degree in college, I have had the inclination towards design which binds logic and aesthetics together.
While working in the news-media, I have learnt to design that follows news and help enhance readers perception towards the events and understand the future better.

Cartography or map drawing is what I am an expert at, not just because of work experience but because of my interest in travel.

Print Design        Information Architecture   Logos   Illustration

Swati Chakrabarti